Music Festival

Omowale Cultural Society

Since the tender age of two, Maghan Sowande Keita has been groomed to playing the Djembe under tutelage of his Late Baba (father) and Djembe Fola (Master Drummer) Maghan Sundiata Keita.

Following within the footsteps of his father within 25 years of training in the Art of playing the Djembe, he has been charge with the respondsibility of insure the knowledge within the music is passed down to his son Sundiata Nasser Keita and future generation of young drummers to come.

Keita’s currently teaches with West African Drumming in Metro Detroit and also teaches african percussion within the schools and various after-school programs.

Keita continue to perform with his parents African Drum & Dance Ensemble The Omowale Cultural Society for events types of events for people of all people from different walks of life. Traditional West African Drumming call for the Djembe to played for every walk of life.

Keita, as African percussionist, have had opportunity to grace the stage with the International know artist such as Steve Wonder, John Legend, India Iire and to to name a few.

Keita’s is delight to watch and listen to the Djembe underneaths under his hands is a powerful example of true cultivation from within to able to communicate his deepest emotions through the sounds of the Djembe.


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